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Midi bindings made from Midi Designer inside Beatmaker 3 or Modstep no longer function after MD is restarted? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Midi bindings made from Midi Designer inside Beatmaker 3 or Modstep no longer function after MD is restarted?

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asked Jul 26, 2017 in Defect (Is this broken?) by audiorangutan (220 points)
edited Jul 27, 2017 by audiorangutan
At the risk of asking dumb questions: what's happening in the Connections panel in MD? In the apps you're controlling?
Thanks for asking. In both cases, everything is functioning normally in the connections windows on both sides because I am able to send and receive the CC or note from MDP and establish a working remote connection during the current session. When I restart the apps, the connections all show up properly on both sides and are active again, but the previously learned bindings no longer trigger. In Beatmaker3 when I make a midi binding for "Trigger Pad 1" it reads "MIDI Designer Pro 2 Virtual Out: Chan. 4: NOTE 0(C-2)" and functions normally, but after I restart the apps it changes to "<NOT CONNECTED>: Chan 4: NOTE 0 (C-2)" even though "MIDI Designer Pro 2 Virtual Out" is listed and activated in the Input Device column, the same as it was in the previous session in which I made and successfully used the connection. I know the connections are good because I can do the learn/map process again to get them working again...until I close MDP again.

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I solved this for myself. I figured out that you simply can't use the "MIDI Designer Pro 2 Virtual Out" as an input device in Beatmaker3 or Modstep when midi mapping. If you have only MDP2 virtual out turned on in these apps when you make midi map bindings, the bindings will only work during the current session. When you restart the apps, they will no longer function.

The solution is to activate the input device "Beatmaker 3" in Beatmaker3 (MDP2 Virtual Out can also be activated), or in Modstep ONLY activate MIDI Source "Modstep Internal", and of course have them activated in "Hardware and Virtual Destinations" in MDP2.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by audiorangutan (220 points)