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How To: Select Preset with Auto Bank Change - MIDI Designer Q&A

How To: Select Preset with Auto Bank Change

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asked Jun 18, 2017 in Advanced by lenny-savage (700 points)
recategorized Jun 20, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team
Basic and Advanced are the How To categories... thanks for this post. It's always helpful to have users working through issues, even if they're iteratively discovering during the process.

1 Answer

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Preset Select + Auto 4 Bank Selector

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): TC-Helicon
Had a little difficulty scaling my previous 2 bank example up to 4, so had to do a re-think, it's a different method and a little more complex, It was tested on a VoiceLive 3X, and worked fine (all banks), I have left all controls out in the open (nothing is hidden) If anyone would like a detailed explanation as to how it works let me know otherwise enjoy.

answered Jun 19, 2017 by lenny-savage (700 points)
edited Jun 19, 2017 by lenny-savage