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Master <--> Slave controls lose sync, sometimes out by 1 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Master <--> Slave controls lose sync, sometimes out by 1

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asked Jun 13, 2017 in Defect (Is this broken?) by lenny-savage (700 points)
What MIDI message type are they? Need to be 14-bit to handle more than 128 ticks. Thanks!
For the purpose of the test left controls set at default for control change, although number of ticks is 256 MIDI range set to 0 to 127 so 2 ticks per MIDI point, so problem is to do with synchronization of ticks.

Hi Lenny, if you try this with NRPN 14-bit, they will line up. What does "2 ticks per MIDI point" mean otherwise? MIDI Designer is ultimately about input and output.
It's not that they don't line up, most of the time they do, if I do a step by step test (Stepper) they will match up perfectly however if I swipe it's hit and miss sometime 8 will be with 8 sometimes 8 will match with 9, 80 with 81 etc, it is never more than 1 out and can happen anywhere along the scale.

What does "2 ticks per MIDI point" mean ?

If you select named ticks it would appear as follows:

Midi,Display (Tick)
0, 0
0, 1
1, 2
1, 3

127, 254
127, 255

This is not a MIDI issue, and as both controls have a matching range (0 to 255) I would expect that they would match, the controls are on different pages B1P1<-->B5P1 not sure if this is relevant.

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Thanks for your question. To get these controls in sync, they would need to have at least 256 values in the MIDI type that is selected for them. Otherwise the behavior is undefined (and the controls might not sync up, which is what you're seeing).

It doesn't matter that they're on different pages. If you were to select a 14-bit MIDI type, like NRPN 14-bit or 14-bit CC, you'd be fine.
answered Jun 14, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team