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Help Assigning Arturia Keylab knob to MD knob - MIDI Designer Q&A

Help Assigning Arturia Keylab knob to MD knob

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asked Jun 11, 2017 in Advanced by escaperocks (120 points)
Main stage can't feedback afaik. Could that be the issue? You could send the  midi another way to MIDI Designer. You need snoize midi monitor to find our what is real
Thanks for the reply.  Actually, Apple activated feedback once again with the latest update of Mainstage.
I use it to show the state of toggle buttons in MS.

I think it may be a connections issue with how the signal was routed.    I do use snoize midi monitor.  A great tool.
There's a spy on output connections. We just need to suss this out before solving
And thanks for the notes on MS! That's cool
Okay!   I had to take a break then come back to it.   It's a "slap my forehead" moment.   For this one control, I simply created a knob in Mainstage and I mapped my hardware (Arturia) control to it.  

The way I run my stage rig, the MidiDesigner knob is using names ticks to scroll thru Mainstage patches if we decide to jump ahead or back to a song in the set list.   I also wanted ot be able to do this from my hardware.

For the time being, my immediate issue is solved.     I am still going to experiment with why I'm not getting the hardware to control the MD knob.

All in all this is a FANTASTIC program.   I am having a blast creating various things to control my keyboard rig.
As far as the Feedback from Mainstage, when you create a screen control, the box to "send data to"... is now back in the latest update.

It is very helpful to give me a visual on my iPad.  For example, I can start our walk on music back stage.

I created "Playback"  toggle button in MD, and mapped it to  aPlayback button in MS.   MS sends the data back to MD, so I can see that the music has started.   The MD button goes dark when the track is done.

I am using this feedback function since I keep the Macbook on the rack behind me.

Very cool stuff!