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Lag with 88-Knob Layout - MIDI Designer Q&A

Lag with 88-Knob Layout

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asked May 19, 2017 in Advanced by gdog (510 points)
recategorized May 20, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team
Not seeing an issue with the iPad Air 2, but first: what sbout the midi being received on your midi target? Is that laggy? Thanks!
Think I've found the bug in MD. The new graphics of the knobs causes lag.  I loaded an old template that had 70+ knobs on one page & NO lag. The updated MD with new graphics style causes lag for me once I use ~40+ knobs whereas the old style is fine. Can you please give an option to choose the graphical style of the knobs in an update?  Many thanks
You can absolutely change the style of the knobs to the old style. Config -> Options is one place and on the individual knobs under Advanced, if you wanted to go that route. Thanks for sleuthing this out. We can definitely do some optimizations to make all the knobs work faster...

Thanks for the reply Dan, that fixed it. For anyone else who has this issue / wants to go back to the old style - In Config - Options - scroll down - Global Display Version - choose Classic.  To do it per control go to - Advanced - Display Version - Classic

Thanks again, wishing you all the best!
Thanks gdog. How you figured this out without knowing that you could change this easily in Config -> Options is beyond me (and amazing)... nice work.

We just released MDP2 v2.9, so if you feel like leaving a great review in the App Store, please do.

Thanks for the kind wishes and the #appLove!
I've just left a short & sweet review in the AppStore.  If I have any other issues I can't figure out, I'll let you know. Thanks again!
Thanks so much, every bit helps... enjoy!