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Sending a bank switch command followed by a program change to a synth - MIDI Designer Q&A

Sending a bank switch command followed by a program change to a synth

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asked May 17, 2017 in User Support, Resolved by jason-macres (130 points)
recategorized May 20, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team
Please try googling for "bank change program change midi designer" (no quotes) and you can also try to throw the word "manual" in there. Short answers: 1) there is now a bank-prog change message, but if you want to share one bank change button 2) use a super and two subs. Anyway, Google will take you to more comprehensive answers and all topics.

Thanks - I didn't see the bank-program change message. I built a button selector group that performs the function I need.

I'd also like to "echo" the bank and program set by the button to a dial and slider control, respectively. When make the buttons supercontrollers of the dial and slider, the midi to the synth seems to not send the bank data... Any pointers to app notes or videos would be helpful to me.

Thanks again,

Hi Jason, glad you got sorted with bank-prog change. Regarding the echo question, please ask another question in the Advanced category so other people can find it and possibly answer you [though echo might be outside MD's scope].