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How to get layout to update parameters with patch change? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to get layout to update parameters with patch change?

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asked May 9, 2017 in Advanced by mvenshnop (120 points)

1 Answer

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Parameters Respond to Patch Change

Hey there, it's only possible where the synth sends back each parameter as a MIDI message. Except for Sysex checksums, there are no special accommodations in MIDI Designer, and parsing incoming sysex for a particular synth is out of scope. We've investigated this topic optimistically, but it turns out that every manufacturer -- and in some cases, individual hardware pieces by particular manufacturers -- use different methods of sending a patch, which require different parsing.

MIDI Designer is a generic modular MIDI controller and the layouts are made by users to controls all kinds of stuff. We don't actually own any of the MIDI targets that are users are controlling with the App...

On the other hand, Global Presets will store presets that you can send to your synths. This is the opposite of what you're looking for and would require you to invest even more in MD, but it does what you want (in a sense).

Thanks for your question!
answered May 9, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team