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Various bugs in Midi Designer Pro 2: Version 2.8.1 Build 170214 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Various bugs in Midi Designer Pro 2: Version 2.8.1 Build 170214

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asked Apr 14, 2017 in User Support, Resolved by lenny-savage (700 points)
recategorized Apr 21, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team
Wandering Exit Button:

Finally figured out how it wanders, quite often during a development session I will turn bluetooth off (saves battery and no surprises on the MIDI box), after doing this you are returned to the MDP homepage, where you then select Design, the exit button is then placed in the middle of the right hand page, whoops!. The normal position at the top is quite acceptable, however if was being really picky :-) maybe a little higher would be better.

Stubborn MDP Designer Logo:

Create new project OBP+MBT one page only (B1P1+B5P1).

Design Mode:

    Set background color  (brushed metal + 3), not sure if this is relevant.
    Delete MDP logos left and right.
    Create full page (B1P1+B5P1) multiline text label.

Save project

Load project: MDP logo reappears on right hand (B5P1) page.

Even if you change the logo to be less intrusive it will always reappear full/default size.

So have re-posted as separate questions. Sorry if it causes any confusion.

Hi Lenny,

Thanks so much for your continued enthusiasm and engagement.

Separating the issues on the public forum does NOT make them easier to track. We're tracking bugs and prioritizing as fast as we can, but as you may have noticed, there's only ONE guy in all the videos (and doing most of the coding)... and responding to you here. And doing all the social media. So... send me email to and try to keep it light, so I can, you know, have time to FIX some of these bugs.

Thanks so much!
Sorry Dan,
I meant for me to track, I was never sure where any particular item was, as I now have had a number of responses regarding the issues I have a clearer picture of their status, I also thought it would be useful for the rest of the forum to see, as apposed to be buried (by me) in one thread which over time may get a bit long winded and difficult to follow.

Many thanks for all your efforts