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Guitar MIDI Controller & MIDI DESIGNER

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asked Apr 7, 2017 in Community Shares by hurricane (170 points)

1 Answer

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Welcome, HR!

So do you need a very small MIDI controller capable to send CCs, or maybe adapt the MP-76 guts to the other mic.

There's a person that probably can help you giving his experience with this kind of custom hardware needs. His name is Elantric, you will find him in the Vguitar Forums (he is the admin there).

answered Apr 8, 2017 by ed_saxman (600 points)
Hello Ed Saxman :

I am at the point of doing just that >buying and gutting a M-79 and trying to fit it's switches and what ever else needed that I have to have
to complete this into a Bullet mic housing .

They M-79 is low impedance - so , it's element I won't use for this . I'll use the high Hz dynamic element of a 520D Shure Green Bullet and get a impedance matching X-former to work in the VL3X's low Hz mic's input .

Now if I could figure out how to get an XYZ motion/velocity and impact sensor in this set up I would be in digital/analog heaven .

I visualize the wide screen projection of midi triggered events from a mic set up like this hooked into the VL3X  an then into  Ableton or Machine    environment to mash up my midi music tracks  I write .

Wild concept with a harmonica going at it as the VL3X backing track has the all stuff I created with the Godin LGXSA & Roland GR33 guitar synth module preset tracks triggering the psychedelic type visuals from a digital sequencer .

It will be tricky because I know I'll need 48V to run the led .

It's got my mind dizzy thinking it through .

This thought occurred to me , that just maybe with my [ clout ] I will be able to get Sennheiser to part with a couple of M-76 for R&D reasons heh heh heh .

One never knows do one :) I'll ask Elantric , I'm a member of  VGuitar too .

Gracias por responder socio de midi maravillas  .

EZ :

Such a setup you have there! Please let us know how you get on.

It's nice to know people interested in creative MIDI usage!

PD: any video playing your harmonica?
Left to right :

Cesar Rosas from Los Lobos - Eric Burdon from WAR & The Animals - Mark Guerrero my buddy and myself blowing harp .< Chan Romero Mr. Hippy Hippy Shake singing here .

thanks I hope you like these .