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Korg Kaossilator Pro+ Programm Selector and more 3.0 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Korg Kaossilator Pro+ Programm Selector and more 3.0

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asked Mar 19, 2017 in Community Shares by gedankensalat (370 points)
edited May 25, 2017 by gedankensalat
Redesign is getting better! So which download is the "right" one?
The new Redesign 3.0 is here. With many new features and in a " Original" Kaossilator pro+ Layout. Some Buttons ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Shift, scale, key and delete record) and doesn't work. The solution for Gate ARP is ready.
My hope is to find some other Kaossilator User for contact. And I hope to find the solution for
Playing direct with a Bluetooth Midi Keyboard ( over Midi Designer) on the Kaossilator.
Here you can See and hear it. A short Demo of the (working) Features - to control and play the Korg Kaossilator Pro +.
Have fun and if possible help to complete and optimise the Layout.

Greatings from Germany, Frank
So I have some Questions i can't find the correct settings for the 1 to 8 Buttons on the Top
No 1  has #49   No 2. # 50, ...
But it doesn't work
And the right buttons like scale, Key, Erase Loop and REC  i can't find .
I can send a CC Code to my Midi Hardware, controlled from my Midi Keyboard which sends a Midi Note to Midi Designer.
(With Sub Control the note controled Button subcontrols a secondary button wich sends a CC Code to the Hardware)

Thats is great, but if i release the Keyboard Key the Hardware never stops to play the Sound (NOte). So i search for a function to send the Hardware a "Stop". The Hardware never stops while the End of sending a note (CC 92). It seems that CC not send a type like "Momentary" or Drumpad. So i think that the release of a Keyboardkey should send a "Sound OFF - Message" . if the way with subcontrols is wrong - IS there another subtype like Momentary that send automaticaly a End of Note signal?
Sorry  didn't understand the question until just now. The answer is that you need to have a button be the super control of a knob, and have that knob be the super control of two buttons. Those buttons would then be in a button group. That will allow you to send two different MIDI messages. Thanks!