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create start/rec/overdub button for quantiloop (looper) - MIDI Designer Q&A

create start/rec/overdub button for quantiloop (looper)

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asked 3 days ago in How does MIDI Designer work with X? by basshansi (130 points)
recategorized 1 day ago by MIDI Designer Team
Thanks for the question. So... are you seeing the connection to Quantiloop in the Connections panel? Is there any way to verify that the MIDI is getting to quantiloop?
yep, i see quantiloop (in and out) and can send a "normal" start command to start recording a loop. only the "hold" and "doubletab" function (play/rec/dub and stop) won't work. i do not know how to realize this. thanks for your response.
Thanks, just sent out an email to the dev of QL, and we also have a copy here in the Studio, so we'll figure something out soon. Thanks!

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Hi Hansi,

Just copying my reply here so other users can see it too (instead of our private email conversation).

The screen shots attached show a basic setup for 1 button.

  • MIDI designer is set to all defaults
  • Add a new button
  • Double tap to get to the properties: Change subtype to Momentary
  • Switch to the MIDI tab
  • Select Message Type: Control Change and for this example Channel 1, CC 21
Now go to Quantiloop, and create a MIDI control assignment as shown in the picture.
You can either manually set all the values or learn the button from MDP
That should do the job. Please let us know if this works.

MIDI Designer Button Properties
MIDI Designer Button Properties
MIDI Designer Button MIDI
MIDI Designer Button MIDI
Quantiloop MIDI control assignment
Quantiloop MIDI control assignment
answered 1 day ago by quantiloop (140 points)

i do exactly everything of the above instructions. the result is: i here only ONE "shy" metronome-click when pushing the button in mdp - thats all. no recording, no play, no overdub.

i configured ql manually or with the learn-function - no difference. perhaps i deinstall ql an mdp and reinstall both?

as you know - i am a bass-player ;-)

i think in the meanwhile apple becomes a little bit more like windows ;-) deinstall, reinstall, boot, pray, curse an test - and everything is ok now.

thanks a lot for your support and supervising.....
Great to here!