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Copy A>B /AND/ use presets? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Copy A>B /AND/ use presets?

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asked Mar 1, 2017 in Advanced by drumunkey (310 points)
Could you explain this question for dummies, please? Obviously if you have an external RECALL button for a preset group, you could copy from preset slot to slot by recalling... also note that recall buttons can be toggle OR momentary, each with quite different uses.
I've got a preset slider with "PS1" and "PS2"
As subcontrols of this slider, I've got a knob (K1) and a slider (S1)

While PS slider is in PS1 I move controls such that K1=10 & S1=10

I then move PS slider to PS2, and the values of K1 and S1 jump to whatever they were/are in PS2.

I want to get the values of PS2 to equal PS1 (i.e. copy A.B just like your drum FX chain example, except I don't have two groups of controls...Just one using presets)

But I can't figure out how to do it because when I move PS, there's no way to "read" the other preset.

I think the only way woudl be to have a "dummy" copy that has the same controls that I would use as a kind of "buffer" that I would apply the copy a/b thing to.

Just figured maybe there was a slicker way to copy group presets (i.e. take values of Ps1 and copy to Ps2 so PS2 could then be modified with a minor tweak).
So if you have a RECALL button on the Preset for Groups knob and its toggle, then all you have to do is shut if OFF and move from PS1 to PS2. Now the values are the same and you are working with the PS1 values and can tweak them before they get stored into PS2 when you move away from it. Then when you move to PS1 you hit recall and the PS1 values come back again. Does this help?
Ha, great minds think alike. If I'm following your description, that's pretty much what I did. Add an explicit recall button that's a toggle. That way I can shuffle one preset to another.
Would you have any interest in writing up an answer here to your own question? It would help other users who struggle with the same question. Unfortunately, our comments here are pretty dense. In other news, and alpha of panel channel is coming today. Thank you!
I'm planning on doing a vid on the entire layout so I'll go into this part in more detail and post a link here.
Great, everything helps!