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LAYOUT: Yamaha TX81Z - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: GoldLAYOUT: Yamaha TX81Z

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asked Feb 22, 2017 in Community Shares by michael-raleigh (230 points)
edited Feb 23, 2017 by michael-raleigh
This is great and the video makes it very accessible. There are very few layouts (for now) that are "based on" other layouts in MD, but we're very happy to see Community members like yourself copping licks and appropriating for your own ends. Thanks!
I know it´s been a while, but I didn't check recently. Glad to see my layout helped you in making yours! Didn't know that they are so similar. I always considered to buy a 81z, but I already have quite plenty of FM ;-)
Thanks for the credits!
Also great video, wonderful stuff!
Been enjoying this controller.  Dug deep this afternoon and found OPERATOR 1 - D1 Rate, D1 Level and D2 Rate did not transmit to my TX81z.  Fortunately all other OPERATORS were working as intended.  I couldn't find or decipher the original sysex format from the manual so I don't have a suggestion for what these should be.  Could you check the code for these?  The similar CTRLR TX81z panel outputs the correct code but I couldn't capture the midi output to compare.  Any clues what is going on with the code for these controls?
Let’s hope Michael responds, but in the meantme: what platform does the CTRLR run on? There’s no way to route the MIDI through a MIDI montor (e.g., on a Mac, Snoize MIDI Monitor)? Thanks.
modernair - I must apologize! For some reason I hadn't updated the sysex string from the layout I borrowed. I try to make my layouts function with all midi channels (many of the layouts in this community assume you're on MIDI channel 1, but I never am, so I set these up with a function to change the midi channel). Anyway, I forgot to set that up with those few parts and have since fixed it. Please download "Yamaha TX81Z v1.1" to start enjoying it properly. And PLEASE let me know if it works better after this!!! And let me know if you find any other errors :)
Thanks Michael for your quick response!  Really incredible effort from you and the MIDI Designer team!  This is working perfectly now.  I went over everything.  The only discrepancies I could find were for Foot Sw and Sustain and Edit mode buttons.  These didn't appear to communicate anything to the TX81z, I'm not sure from manual diving if these are actually a feature.  The INIT button usually triggered a Buffer Full message on my unit, can't confirm if it is working as intended.  These are not essentials in my books and by no means a request for action, just feedback on what may be differences between this and the DX21 model you based this on.  Many thanks again, loving your work!
Hi modernair. Thanks for the response.

I too noticed the issue with the INIT button. I'm not sure if the issue is related to the TX81Z or MIDI Designer. My guess is MDP2 sends the resets very quickly and the TX81Z can't handle that much data at once.

The original layout that I borrowed this from has some quirks I don't quite understand and I am trying to simplify it. There are a few more things I'd like to fix, but I spent over an hour trying to fix the INIT button last night with no good progress. I'm glad it's not essential to you!
Hi, I don´t own a TX81z, but just a few explanations about the functions in the original DX21 editor: here the INIT button is a super control with 2 subs: one is the Init Layout button as a "Reset To Default" for all controls within the layout. The other sends the initialize command to the DX21 (just one single sysex command here). This way they are both in the same state when beginning to make a new sound. This might be handled differently in the TX81z though. At least I couldn't find such init command in the TX documentation.
Regarding the channel selector: valid point, however I own only one unit of each model, so I am fine with being tied to channel 1. Sorry for the selfish approach! And congrats again to Michael for his careful design!