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Smaller font / big screen mode (e.g. iPad Pro 12.9") ? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Smaller font / big screen mode (e.g. iPad Pro 12.9") ?

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asked Dec 3, 2016 in Suggestions by tuomas_nikkinen (180 points)
recategorized Dec 4, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team
Thanks for your message. While I'm not sure you actually want to make the buttons that small -- they'd be very hard to hit -- one option is to use Multiline Label for those buttons. You STILL might need to make the button wider, but not by much.

We'll consider this suggestion -- smaller label sizes than ONE -- for a future release. Thanks!
Did that help? Thanks!
Hi! Thanks for the quick original reply. Multiline text is a good idea, thanks for the tip. However, it doesn't solve the font size problem, as even the 1-sized text simply does not fit on the small buttons.

I get your point on the button size, but I am sure I want to make the buttons that small :). I have no problem hitting the small buttons on the big iPad screen, but I do have hard time creating and remembering button text abbreviations like "Glcknspl" or "CmbrVln1". The smallest font size could be even 50% of the current 1-label, and I'd still be happy! Maybe a checkbox option to use "small fonts", and the font size would be 50%, for example?

 In my use case, having all the DAW tracks accessible in the same MidiDesigner view is very important for large DAW template workflow speed. We are talking 200+ tracks with arm/solo button needed.

I understand I'm probably in the minority, but I think bigger screens are increasing in count. And it would be great to really make use of the bigger screen, instead of simply having buttons showing bigger. Midi Designer was my #1 reason for getting the big iPad, as it's a real workflow timesaver. I can survive with the "oversized" text, but would love to see consideration for the bigger iPads as well! Anyways, keep up the good work - I really like what you're doing :) !
Thank you! I'll look into it. Some of this really depends on how flexible the implementation is to adding a lower value without affecting any layouts made up until now.
Thanks, did an investigation into this today. Due to the way label size is implemented -- it's bidirectional, consistent between controls, etc. -- no changes to label sizes are possible for the time being, unfortunately. At some point in the future, I'll come back around to this and provide smaller sizes. Thanks for your suggestion and your patience as the app hits all user concerns.
Thanks for checking this out. This is not a blocker, more of a usage nuisance and a little bit of screen real estate waste. Will be very happy if a 0.5 size pops up at some point though :) !
Thanks for understanding, and thanks for digging MD and your patience!