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More Than Two (L V) Variables for SYSEX Messages - MIDI Designer Q&A

More Than Two (L V) Variables for SYSEX Messages

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asked Sep 26, 2016 in Suggestions by bladuck (520 points)
recategorized Sep 26, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team
Thanks. To be honest this feature is not huge assuming you're 100% happy with how L works in sysex. So that's a few questions: 1) does this new variable work like L pretty much exactly? 2) we're just talking about a single-byte variable, right? 3) are we talking about a layout that is for sharing with the Community?

So about this variable... what if it were ONLY one byte (0-127)? What if it were only modifiable in design time as part of a panel? So basically: you set it to the panel in design time (e.g., X=44) and then all the sysex'es on the panel slave to that.

Or is that NOT the point, and we need to set it in performance time?