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Can you add an option to send multiple MIDI events from one control? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Can you add an option to send multiple MIDI events from one control?

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asked Aug 9, 2016 in Suggestions by florian-weiler (180 points)
Thanks. So: In this specific situation (meaning for the TG77), what's the correspondence between the requesting controls and the actual controls (that receive and send to the parameter, if I understand correctly)?
I cannot give a definitive answer, since I'm not the creator of this layout, but from my understanding, there needs to be no correspondence between the two at all. One control would send the parameter request to the synth. The synth in return will then send a single event for the requested parameter. MD receives this event, and IF there is a control associated with it, this will update its value. The latter part already works: When I modify any parameter on my SY77, the new value is correctly received and interpreted in MD. I could also create a control that sends a single parameter request to the synth. But since this specific layout has a huge number of controls, it would be a lot of work, and likely also a heavy performance impact to add a single parameter request control for EACH control of the layout.
Yes. Allowing for multiple MIDI messages per control -- rather than using supercontrols and subcontrols for this -- would be good, both for sending and for receiving. Some thought needs to be put into the design-time UI for all of this, and that's one of the main conceptual issues. Does each MIDI message get a max and min? A default value? Or does that go with the control itself?