Holiday Card Winter 2013-14

2013 has been a huge amount of fun. We were featured in major magazines and blogs, discovered some major artists using MIDI Designer, and got a ton of love from our users on all 7 continents in a ton of different languages. We also did two partnerships (with Casio EMI for the Casio XW and with Antares for the Peavey AT-200).

We also pushed the platform forward a lot (check the Change Log!), doing over 10 releases with major features in just one year.

And we’ve had some amazing interactions with our users. One of a small group of outstanding and consistent users is Chris Gretton, who designed the JD-990 layout for MIDI Designer and a ton of other stuff (Google “popup” and “MIDI Designer”). Chris has been very influential in the design features of just about every release, but in the weeks leading up to the holidays, he really helped us to understand what “design heads” need to get from MIDI Designer. And 1.6 responds to those needs (coming soon).

From a design perspective, however, MIDI Designer is a closed Universe. It’s hard to make a Holiday Card using MIDI Designer, for instance. This did not deter Chris, however, but he might have had to resort to a bit of “shopping” (we suspect, but you never know)… Here’s the holiday message/gag he sent us today:

With all of this new Panel stuff, shapes and custom pages, I thought I would have a go at making a top of the range, photo realistic Christmas Card. Can’t be too hard surely….

1. Make blank page


2. Start putting small shapes and panels on the page roughly in the shape of a (photo realistic) Christmas scene…


3. A few minutes later, some more random shapes and panels (and a cup of tea)


Tadaa! Easy job! (Don’t believe of word of the above tutorial if I were you!) 😀

Light hearted jests aside, Merry Christmas.

Thank you Chris Gretton! Then we took the final scene, branded it a bit, and make the text i8n friendly.


A huge heartfelt thank you and happy holidays to all of our users and potential users (all living beings, basically)… we owe you a huge debt of gratitude, and we’re moving forward with MIDI Designer as fast as we can to pay that back.

And a special thanks to all of our users that have generously dedicated their intellect and time to testing and talking about MIDI Designer. One user really can make a huge difference.


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