MIDI Designer Controls Jaws Piano!

I spoke with Craig Knudsen — MIDI Designer Core Test team member and Top Yamaha Consultant — about the amazing video he made with Tony DeSare and Robbie Vicencio.

…[we’re using] a YAMAHA Disklavier and an EZ-220 for the underwater shot! Just in time for the 40th Anniversary of JAWS release on June 20th, 1975.

I used MIDI Designer Pro (MDP) to enter the aftertouch codes to hold the Disklavier keys into special positions to create the “teeth” on this 88-toothed shark. Tony played the piano and I created these “animations” around his playing, bringing this shark piano to life.

With MDP I was able to create the special After Touch codes and test them out wirelessly, and see what they looked like. This was connected via a Quicco Sound MIDI device to turn the Disklavier into a wireless receiver to test the patterns. Then, using an iConnectivity midi4+ model, I isolated Tony’s MIDI performance data and switched between the two.

Disklavier Key Animations by Craig Knudsen using MIDI Designer Pro!

MDP was literally the only app I found to send these unpublished MIDI codes wirelessly to the piano during development.

Disklavier Layout for Jaws Piano in MIDI Designer

Disklavier Layout for Jaws Piano in MIDI Designer (Left Side)

Tony and Robbie used several LCD projectors to broadcast the video directly on the piano. By the way, for the piano arrangement, Tony created all the sounds using the acoustic piano… or rather all the sound effects

I’m really grateful for the shoutout, and very excited to be collaborating with such high-caliber artists. For more information:

Craig on Facebook @craigaknudsen

Tony on Facebook @tonydesare

Robbie on Facebook @robbievicencio

Apple, what have you done!?

Introduction of Swift
On June 2, 2014, Apple announced a new programming language, Swift.

This is exciting news from a developer perspective. It means we’ll be able to add new features and functionality faster. In addition, new code will more bug-free and flexible going forward.

Obsolete Devices
Swift will only be supported from iOS 7 onwards. This means that you’ll have to upgrade to an iPhone 4S or better, an iPod touch 5G or better, or an iPad 2 or better.

iPad 1 users and others running iOS 5 and iOS 6 will continue to have unrestricted access to MIDI Designer 1.6, the most powerful MIDI controller for iOS.

Onwards, Upwards
This is a very exciting period for software development on iOS, and we’re looking forward to sharing what we’re able to do in Swift in Version 1.8 of MIDI Designer Pro*.

* MIDI Designer Lite and MIDI Designer 12 will continue to be updated for existing users.