MIDI Designer 1.4.0 Launches

MIDI Designer Pro and Lite 1.4.01 for iPad and iPhone has been released. Read all about it in the flyer.

Are the Lite unlocks equivalent to Pro?

Pro is unlocked for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as soon as you purchase it.

Lite requires you to in-app purchase (IAP) to unlock for iPad, and a separate IAP to unlock for iPhone. Lite, once unlocked, has the exact same functionality as Pro.

Note to MIDI Designer Pro Users: Thanks for your patience in the day and a half it took to work out the kinks in the 1.4.0 release. 1.4.01 is everything we promised (and more).

MIDI Designer Lite 1.4.0 is Out

MIDI Designer Lite 1.4.0 for iPad and iPhone has been released. Read all about it in the flyer.

Note to MIDI Designer Pro Users: MIDI Designer Pro has been temporarily removed from the App Store for a bug fix. A fixed version has been submitted for expedited review and should be out in 3-10 days (depending on the kindness of the Apple Review Committee). We apologize for the delay. If you have updated and are having problems with 1.4.0, please contact us and we’ll help you roll back.

MIDI Designer 1.3.6 Released

Confusionists is proud to announce the arrival of MIDI Designer 1.3.6 for iPad versions Pro and Lite in the App Store.

1.3.6 builds upon and fixes version 1.3.5.

  • Snap to default values, from 0ms to 16 seconds.
  • “Make Similar” will now choose an incrementally related name (and unique on the page).
  • “Add Control” will choose a unique name on the current page.
  • Longer button labels (which go with the aspect ratio independent buttons introduced in 1.3.5.

See the full list of changes in the changelog.

1.3.5 is Almost Out The Door

1.3.5 is feature-complete and I’m moving my main focus over to testing. This version is really special. It unlocks so many limitations of MIDI Designer that new users will be ecstatic, and current users will blown away.

What’s the big deal?

  • Features and fixes have been added to accomodate two-way MIDI hardware. For instance, users may use a Behringer BCR2000 as an external MIDI controller for MIDI Designer. See the Ultimate Hybrid page for more information.
  • LED Colors (affecting all controls, including button-on color) are now selectable per page. With 256 choices the newest MIDI Designer lets you make beautiful pages that are easy to recognize.
  • Sliders, crossfaders and buttons are now aspect-ratio free and can be huge, tiny or anywhere in between. Most controls have a new design and all are 100% Retina display ready.
  • Name labels are independently sizable (and supersizable).
  • New, fixed-width LED font used in many parts of the app.
  • Automatic reverse colors on Page Tabs, name labels and buttons for darker page colors.
  • Labels now sit behind all other controls, allowing for watermarks and other effects.
  • Panes are back! They sit behind labels, and have no border so you can combine them in interesting geometric shapes.

And much, much more…

I’m focusing on getting this version tested, bulletproof and ready for the App Store. Once that happens, I’ll be getting back to playing with MIDI Designer, making videos, twittering (I don’t “tweet”) and explaining MIDI Designer to a wider audience. 1.3.5 promises to be a historic moment for universal MIDI controllers.

Thanks for your patience and interest. A full listing of all new features and fixes is here.

Edit (May 18, 2012): During the alpha testing phase, I decided to remove the “watermarks” feature from this release. In lieu of this, labels now always sit behind controls, giving a meaningful way to label parts of your pages.

MIDI Designer Wins Sonic Touch Gold Award for Best App!

I’m absolutely ecstatic to announce that MIDI Designer Pro has won the Sonic Touch Gold Award.

Gaz Williams is using MIDI Designer Pro for a major rock opera production in Paris. Nick Batt, Sonic State Editor, goes over the app with Gaz. As you can tell, these guys have spent a lot of time with the app.

“incredibly well thought-out….”
“very cleverly made, so it’s easy to use…”
“closest rival is Lemur…A lot easier to use than Lemur….”


Here’s their 10+ minute review of MIDI Designer Pro:

and here’s the article on the Sonic Touch website:

Big shout out and thank you to Gaz Williams and Nick Batt. I’ll take this opportunity to say: we’re not done yet. 1.3.5 is coming out soon, and it’s a game-changer! Stay tuned!