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Just what I needed to run sound at a live event - but not having to stay at the laptop! I also will not need to have my rig out in the room either, wow!

Setting up the first connection had me scratching my head, but a quit and relaunch, and I haven't had an issue since.

Really great programming job on this app. Everything is laid out very logically and is quick to design and assign MIDI signals to. It is great with MainStage because when you change patches you can have the new patch send it's settings to MIDI Designer and all the knobs on your IOS device moves to the patches default settings.

I'm running this on my IPhone so the only issue is adjusting sliders precisely because of the limited size of the screen. So an iPad would be ideal.

I have no complaints about this app. Great job guys!
by KSPAHR  •    United States  •  August 4, 2013
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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