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I was looking for a tool to allow for remote control of my Tascam 2488 mixed/HDR. I use it in small live venues to mix audio for my wife's band but it's often difficult to get space to do this in the best listening position so the ability to remotely adjust faders etc via the iPad was called for. The mixer supports midi control but has a unique format requiring a custom solution. Using a combination of a portable wifi link and midi interface via a laptop running RTPMidi, Midi Designer was a great match for what I needed and in the areas where additional functionality would help, Dan Rosenstark was quick to respond with advice. The app continues to surprise me with its capabilities, ease of implementation and flexibility. Absolutely worth the price and can provide a robust custom controller solution for pretty much any midi application. There are several remote controller mixers on the market now, but Midi Designer allowed me to use a piece of gear I already had in a new way. excellent app!
by Starhouse Audio  •    United States  •  April 5, 2013
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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