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I brought this on the strength of the few reviews it has, and I am not disappointed. I went straight in for the full version, as I wanted to do some tricky stuff. As a keyboard player in a live band, I also control the lighting, and although I have it bound to keyboard zones, its not always easy to remember where I left them . .. enter Midi Designer . plug in a Line 6 Midi Mobilizer and away we go.

I've managed to build a set of screens, which are capable of controlling my master setting on my yamaha XS, and the lights on my Elation Magic 260, it looks great, I can add buttons in for more settings, and the best thing of all, I can see what each one does now, thanks to the labelling.

up to 6 banks of 6 pages, split left and right, with each side capable of showing all 36 pages, very handy for dragging your designs around, different coloured buttons, control knobs and sliders and even x/y controls, all through touch, and all nicely titled and visible.

Go straight for the full version - its well worth the money
by Krinell  •    United Kingdom  •  November 17, 2012
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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