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I've been looking for a piece of software to double up as a set list AND a program change device for my ( at least 2 ) keyboards in a live environment.
This works brilliantly and makes it so, so easy when changing programs ready for the next song. My iPad or iPhone is connected to an irig midi 2 and the midi out from that plugs into the midi in of a midi thru box. The midi thru outs are then connected to the midi ins of whatever keyboards I'm using. JOB DONE !
I've programmed the mididesigner with mainly sys-ex codes so my keyboards sound exactly as I want them when required.
I can't praise "Mididesigner" enough as it is a truly fantastic piece of kit, of course I only require it to switch programs etc but it will do much much more.
Congratulations to all associated with this fabulous software program.
by Norman Osman Bonus. ( NOB )  •    United Kingdom  •  8 days ago
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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