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I have owned the AT200 guitar forever, but I never got this app. When you upgrade the software on the guitar, this app is almost mandatory. I thought I was good with Fret-control, but this app shows you all the options. Many features I missed using fret control. This app is worth the money if you want the most out of your guitars software upgrade. If you have the stock software on your AT200, you are REALLY missing the best part of this instrument. I only purchased the $99 Essential pack, but now I want to upgrade. This app comes with the AT200 template built-in, so once you download it, good to go! I prefer the Peavey over the Variax. If you upgraded your software, do yourself a favor and get this app!
by Howarddavidp@google  •    United States  •  19 days ago
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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