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I'm more of a "bedroom producer" than performing artist, but in 2013 I was challenged to put together a live set in a short period of time. I needed a flexible, easily-configurable control interface that used MIDI or OSC to control my DAW.

I looked at several options and chose MIDI Designer Pro for its ease-of-use and powerful flexibility. I could quickly prototype and refine all the controls I needed, all on my iPad. (Other apps required a separate desktop application to design & configure their controls.) As I rehearsed, further adjustments could be easily made without breaking my stride. I simply could not have pulled together that performance without this app!

I have been a loyal and satisfied user of MIDI Designer Pro ever since. The team's constant work to improve and enhance this indispensable app further builds my confidence in its longevity as my go-to tool for setting up performance configurations. They keep making it better, and have built up a great community of users who help and support each other. If I can't figure out how to achieve something, either the developers or fellow users are there with the answers.

MIDI Designer Pro is worth every penny to me!
by remst8  •    United States  •  8 days ago
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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