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If you use a MIDI-capable device or software (synth or DAW) live or in the studio, this app is definitely one you should consider.

My primary use for MIDI Designer is for controlling Ableton Live in rehearsals and Sunday morning worship services. When leading from guitar, rather than keyboard, it also provides the link, via the pedal board feature, to be able to control Ableton hands-free from an older MIDI-capable fx processor.

For our purposes, it is invaluable to have the ability to create a customized MIDI controller. MIDI Designer does just that, and it does it well and has been very reliable.

One of our guitarists uses MIDI Designer to control his ElevenRack rig as well. At home I use it for remotely operating software and keyboards.
by MIDI Enthusiast  •    United States  •  September 4, 2016
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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