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There are other MIDI control apps for iOS, but nothing comes close to the level of control and customization MIDI Control Pro allows. From simple SoftSynth tweaking to a massive live or studio rig to in-depth DAW control; whatever you can imagine, you can create. Keyboardists, guitarists with MIDI rigs, drummers with triggers, playback engineers; no matter what your role is, if you use digital gear, this app will help you use it better, faster, and more creatively. It has a level of depth and sophistication that rivals— or even surpasses— anything you would find on a desktop platform or hardware controller. Version 2 ups the ante by adding some useful new features for cloud sharing and design, as well as two-way DAW communication. The only possible downside is that it is a RAM and energy intensive app, so users of older iOS devices may need to be extra judicious in closing unused apps and keeping your battery charged. This is definitely the app you want if you are serious about taking deep control of your gear.
by UDS Music  •    United States  •  July 19, 2016
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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