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This app is excellent ! In a few hours I was able learn how to use the app thanks to the helpful videos available on youtube. I then spent a few more hours taking the codes from my Line6 Pod XT Live "pilot handbook" and created a great set of controls that I plan to use during live performance. I will be able to quickly navigate settings which are hard to find on the Pod XT especially in a live setting where you want to switch your settings without delay between songs. The one enhancement I would ask for would be a way to cut and paste full sets of "tick" settings from perhaps a CSV chunk of text in an email into MDPro to enable faster setup of controls that have all my amp, stompbox, reverb spring and delay unit names and their associated midi CC values. This enhancement would be a major time saver. But even without this capabilty you will be very satisfied once you complete the setup.
by PatrickKane88  •    United States  •  October 6, 2014
MIDI Designer Pro 2
Confusion Studios LLC

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