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Ignore that guy that says that it's a fail, "10 years of experience" that's a fail. I have saved and restored layouts using iTunes without problems. I don't have a computer science degree.
The App is a piece or art, you can tell how much effort it's been put into it by the developers.
There are many many options for you to control your MIDI device/program/plugin etc. Very flexible.
I downloaded the "Lite" version and used it a day or so and when I realized the things I can achieve with it I went ahead a bought the Pro version.
The support is outstanding, I have posted questions on the forum and I have received answers within hours. The community is very cooperative.
I'm very happy with the whole package and I would recommend it to anyone who is into creating their own app for their MIDI control needs.
Thank you MIDI Designer team! Son los mejores!
by Orpheus the Rockstar  •    United States  •  November 12, 2013
MIDI Designer Lite 2: Professional MIDI Controller
Confusion Studios LLC

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