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I am a relatively new user of the Vienna Symphonic Library and wanted an easier more intuitive way to switch between articulations than keyswitching. I very quickly was able to set up buttons with this app which are labeled with the articulation I want and use them to control the matrix in Vienna Instruments. I set up separate buttons to switch between solo and section instruments. I then added a velocity crossfade slider and I'm good to go. This is so much better than using keyswitching and my modulation wheel. I don't have to remember which key is set to which articulation because I can now visually see what I'm switching to. This app was super easy to customize to my liking and I had no problem setting it up within OSX. I have no latency problems over Wifi. Thanks for a great app!
by Trent Evans  •    United States  •  June 13, 2012
MIDI Designer Lite 2: Professional MIDI Controller
Confusion Studios LLC

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