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I have been able to set up a control surface for my Venom synthesizer using this application. It works wonderfully and is easy to set up given an understanding of MIDI controls. The developer was super helpful and walked me through creating a working interface very quickly. Can't believe how quickly he was able to help and how easy this is to set up now that I know what I am doing. Having the extended touch interface for the Venom has transformed it into a different instrument, for me. This software is quite amazing! Had to pick up the pro version and it was great to be able to test things out on the lite version first. This combination (working trial version, helpful developer) makes for a pretty unusually good customer experience. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.
by fungusamongus  •    United States  •  April 19, 2012
MIDI Designer Lite 2: Professional MIDI Controller
Confusion Studios LLC

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